Lito Vs Evil Eye

January 16, 2014

As I get older, I am inclined to believe in the energy that a person, a picture, a place and an object possess. This a sentiment difficult to describe with words but only those who have lived it can understand. I am referring to people like you who believe in blocked chakras, bad energy and the evil eye.

www.thejewelleryeditor.com The so-called “attitude” plays an important role as you “carry” it with you every day, it is beside your every joy, fear or regret and defines your thinking many times. We have all met people who -without knowing them well- have something unclear about them which gives us a negative impression. One can describe it as an instinct, experience, intuition.. bad energy, a bad aura. Thus, I wonder,  do words have the same importance as our gut feeling?



This is an endless topic of conversation for which everyone has their own perspective, opinion and thoughts. Personally, I can safely say that observing the creations of Lito Karakostanoglou – self- taught in the art of jewelry- I automatically receive positive vibes. Her creations are an example of Greek elegance as they are inspirations of a designer who prefers to talk less about herself and express herself more through her creations.

One could describe her as an “architect” of jewelry as she can transform various material into any kinds of luxury. She “molds” vintage features to new rock proposals with geometric designs, adding her own message, such as good luck and the evil eye.


From her latest collection, I adore the geometrical rings and  the eyes -preferably the green ones – that help you to slip away from malicious comments and glances which nowadays are common place.

More info: http://www.lito-jewelry.com/

Sparkly Kisses,


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