Christina Darra’s twofold brushstroke

April 2, 2014

Her name is Christina Darra. Painting is her passion which became her job. Therefore, I could not leave aside one of my favorite works, her portraiture! However, I will not dwell only on her paintings as her other trump card in the art of jewelry is also impressive!

Spring, her favorite season, is depicted with every nuance of the natural environment in her jewels. She creates colorful treasures that attract all glances without having precious stones but glass, acrylic beads, imagination and humor!

Christina, utilizes her own pallet to the utmost since she is playing, experimenting with every color combination and creating her own “picture”! Furthermore, she denies everything dull, boring, and black with no life while she responds to colors without fear but faces them like allies in her bright world!

eggy eye

She uses a different technique from what we are accustomed to as she works with glass -where color and glass unite- in diverse designs each time with the resulting piece that looks like more than a jewel! I could describe her jewels like the items that we frantically pay attention to not break.


She creates jewels that are observable for hours and make you feel that you are looking at an abstract work of art in a museum in a different form! Colors, like many other details in everyday life, have magical attributes as they act as psychotherapy with the ultimate aim to make you smile and persecute whatever darkens your own world!

neon 2

Christina through the magic of colors adds her own touch to modern jewelry and invites us to “taste” a little dose of her childishness, optimism and romanticism! 🙂

Discover more about the colorful world of C.D. here:




Sparkly Kisses,


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