Sneaking into Katerina Psoma’s showroom

December 1, 2015

What do you think the purpose of a jewel is?

The word derives from the verb kosmo which means adorn.  Besides their role as adornments, jewelry always reveal one’s rank in a sοciety or nowadays his/her status. In my view, the purpose of jewelry is to make us feel happy, especially if the piece is handed to us by someone we love.


They say that clothing is often the expression of ones character. Do you think that this view is also the same for jewels?



It goes without saying… Jewelry is a mean of expression that becomes the tool of rhetoric of our personality. It also becomes iconic of social dynamics, as the spikes worn by punks.


Your F/W 15- 16 collection is called “My mother was a disco queen”. The title by itself provokes curiosity, tell us a little more about it.

It is a collection dedicated and inspired by my mother. When I was a child I remember the house full of music of Bee Gees. My mother was in glittering clothes or in the most amazing knitwear and soft suedes. She was pretty young, going to discotheques with her friends. A beautiful woman, an amazing mother. So, the collection carries the carefree, luscious spirit of European disco and reveals a romantic era when there were songs written about bubble-gum. Ι use multicolored vinyl, feathers, grey pearls and rich silk tassels.




Do you have women that have inspired you in your life? If yes, which ones?


For me, every woman is a source of inspiration. The women of my family set the example of fine human beings.  My friends and my clients are my muses. I’m very proud of them because each of them is refined, educated and unique! When Ι think of a collection, I have my own fantastic muses, all of them are very old women with a sun tan and thin but elegant makeup. I never imagine young girls when I create a collection.



Do you believe that women should follow trends or their instincts when buying jewelry?


Choosing the right jewelry should be based on instinct. However we should consider the fact that we live in a society where one’s taste and instincts are unconsciously, or consiously shaped by a constant visual bombardment.

Photo credits: Myrto Panteloglou

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