The -Amberly Cross- effect

March 5, 2016

Jewelry is not only about diamonds and other precious stones. Jewelry is about shapes, forms and patterns. Familiar wording for a civil engineer who eventually combined his love of symmetry and balance with the one of jewelry. Dimitris Damaskos, founder of the most rising jewelry brand, “Amberly Cross” gave a luxe spin to the geometric jewellery trend by designing multiple cross combinations that prompts even those who are not in favor of crosses, to try on them. Founded in 2014, Amberly Cross follows strictly the repeated sequence of crosses that apart from an architectural grid, they form a variety of wearable pieces for the day or night.   



The first line consists of handcrafted rings, bracelets, cufflinks, bangles, earrings and pendants from sterling silver in matte or shiny finishes that can be worn by both genders. Due to their geometrical designs, most of them can be fused, paired or staked in numerous ways giving one the option of creating personal, playful and addictive combinations.

MW8A7718 earing_Long_all_ARecently, the first line was bolstered with a new project line of 3D crosses transforming the classic cross pendant into an hanging isometric illusion cube. The XYZ necklaces available in four platings with shiny or matte finish depict the designer’s creativity and passion to give contemporary jewelry a new shape within everyday life.


Taking the current collection into consideration, it is obvious that Amberly Cross is a hidden spot in the fine jewellery map!

Photo credits: Maria Maraki

Retailers: Pop Up Store KolonakiBettina AthensMarianna PetridiThe Blender GalleryWecreateharmony.comWolfandbadger.com

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