Tatiana Choremi: A boheme soul spotted at Koufonissi

July 8, 2016

Her jewelry reminds us of the endless summer we all long for during the whole winter. Dreaming of the deep blue of the Greek sea in conjunction with sky’s light blue, the always shinning sun, the golden beaches which you soak up and above all, the freedom of self- expression, the feeling of being out of your ordinary box. Tatiana Choremi’s creations are those that oppose to life’s “musts” but support personal desires.IMG_3266

In this case, we can say that she “met her match” taking into consideration that the designer’s source of inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the small island of Koufonissi. “Everything can happen on this island. Koufonissi makes me feel the sense of freedom; it is an island without taboos and stereotypes”, the designer claims and continues mentioning about the place where she has opted to live the whole summer: “Koufonissi combines in a unique way two of the most conflicting values:  the sense of security and the one of freedom”.

The peaceful island of Koufonissi is the designer’s starting point of her successful career which has played an important role to her style of work. The designer has choosen as her “accomplice” the most ancient and colorful material; thread. It is a “medium” with unlimited possibilities which gives the opportunity to create a diversity of creations which grow organically in your hands but reveal new forms of being when worn. It’s worth mentioning that such an lightweight material combined with designer’s inspiration; colorful, luxurious and unique compositions can be created.

10387408_416143981878321_3266990042938140615_n  x354-q80Tatiana Choremi’s designs contribute to the forming of every woman’s “arm party” with her “All seeing eyes” or with a combo of “Sneaks” in between “Spirals” and “Leafs”. Handmade pieces with plenty of colors that can stand out even during winter as a recall for the upcoming summer.FullSizeRender
Her favorite piece that every woman should have this summer is the “All seeing eye” bracelet as she thinks it’s a must have classic macrame while 3 must do’s when visiting the island are: Walking by the sea under the glistening stars at Pori beach, strolling around Kato Koufonissi and a dip at Gala beach so as to experience the life of a bohemian in soul, mind and…. jewellery!

IMG_4052  IMG_3783_Fotor
Find out more here: http://www.tatianachoremi.com, http://www.tatianachoremishop.com

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