Feels like home…with Vally Kontidis jewellery!

December 17, 2016

What can make a rainy day bright? Your answer might be some good company, news or a comedy on TV…but for all those who cherish jewellery the answer is to cocoon wearing ones favourite pieces. Actually, works of art if describing Greek designer Vally Kontidis’ jewels.

Having already experimented with paper, fabric, plastic, gold and platinum, Vally Kontidis ended up embellishing women’s bodies with silver. From her point of view, silver is one of the materials that expresses her art beliefs; it is warm, flexible and can be easily combined. Although, the most significant is when gold plating gives the wearer a distinctive shine and warmness to her total look and mood.

With a quick gaze, one will notice their shininess however their secret is hidden in details; many of them are hammered by hand giving one the chance to have a second look and focus on their flawless points that only one work of art may have.

Combining playful pieces with your most comfy clothing while at home can keep you stylish and feminine even when rainy days knock on your door. When relishing a cocooning day, enjoy it sparkly wise!

Photo credits: Joseph Alexiadis

Find out more about Vally Kontidis jewellery collection here: http://www.vallykontidis.gr

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