Bejeweled reminders of the present by Rallou Katsari

January 14, 2017

You first launched your brand in 2007 and since then you have created pieces with different style and design but with a common element, nature. Can one guess that this is your source of inspiration that helps you materialise your creativity?

I never took a conscious decision to create pieces that are inspired solely by nature. Maybe it happened organically because of my love for it. I observe and I want to be close to nature, so definitely it inspires and  influences me. From the period when I studied I was taught to “listen” to my soul and let my hands flow with it . Therefore the forms that I create are born from a procedure that often doesn’t have a specific destination. Experimentation, playfulness, observation and exploration are the main elements that accompany me throughout this journey.

What is the explanation behind “Rallou Mindfulness”?

Let me rephrase it a little bit..I would like to borrow the definition of Jon Kabat-Zinn for mindfulness , which states that “Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment and non judgmentally.” In today’s rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy just being. That was my challenge and my motivation. I wanted to create jewellery and capture this present moment. Jewellery that work as mindfulness triggers. Pieces to be cherished as reminders to appreciate and enjoy living.

Your recent collection is being featured at Colette in Paris and at Dover Street Market in London. How did these collaborations emerge?

We wanted to prelaunch the collection in London and Paris and we aimed at the iconic locations of DSML and Colette. I am grateful for the positive response and the support I had from the first moment by people in the industry I respect and appreciate. DSML and Colette have a ubiquitous presence in fashion and design and it is a great honor to have my collection as part of their edit. That was an important achievement and it was the beginning of our journey. The collection will be extended and it will be officially launched during Paris Fashion Week AW17.

Which is your favourite piece from the “Seemingly Solid” collection and why?

One of my favorite pieces is the Drop ring. This is how the whole collection started! It was the first piece that I envisioned and immediately fell in love with. It celebrates the simplicity of a single drop, where the the drop is a physical representation of the present moment. It has a very pure sculptural form. The drop emerges from it very carefully with tremendous detail as it naturally flows over the metal. The nailing of the diamonds and the curves in their form give it an ultimately harmonious and a well-balanced result.

What do you think the secret of being creative and running your own business is amidst the economic crisis?

It takes courage, keeping your horizons open, perseverance, patience, faith, to enjoy the journey step by step, people who love you and support you through difficult times so you do not give up, a good team and last but not least it needs to not take life so seriously. Play with life!

Photo credits: Rallou Katsari

You can find out more about Rallou Katsari here: http://rallou.comFacebook account , Instagram account

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