Bela Louloudaki’s calling for all curious jewellery lovers in Rome

December 19, 2017

Bela Louloudaki and her “Jewellery For The Curious” is the reason to arrange a quick trip to Rome as the design gallery Secondome is exhibiting her collection for the first time up to December 22nd. The gallery embraces Bela’s handmade collection, a series of ceramic units of different colours and shapes, letting each piece stand out as moving art work in its installation space.

“Jewellery For The Curious” further than being a collection also represents a creative journey, that Bela Louloudaki started upon the commencement of her career as a designer, moving between a vast selection of works that include various shapes, colours and mix and match combinations.

The exhibition consists of an art work labyrinth underlined not only through a meticulous selection of pieces, but also by the setting, designed by P+R+V studio: a serial installation, made of surfaces suspended at different heights, traced on the floor with colored lines that start from the entrance of the gallery marking paths and connections between the exhibited jewels.

The elements of the entire collection, lacquered with several shades of colors or bathed in gold, are linked together with a waxed thread. A structural solution that bends the strictness of the geometrical forms to new rules, making them elastic and flexible.  Solid, coloured and light, Bela Louloudaki’s jewellery is designed like small architecture pret- a- porter.

A visit to the exhibition is not only worth it for jewellery lovers but also for design and art worshippers!


Photo credits:  Serena Eller Vainicher

More info: Secondome,Bela Louloudaki

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