Bejewelled sculptures by MORPHḖ LONDON

January 20, 2018

Living in a digital world, no one and nothing can stay behind, even in the jewellery world. Dimitra Tampaki and her jewellery brand, MORPHḖ LONDON is living proof that experimenting in the digital world sometimes turns out to be a success.

After her graduation from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London, she started her research in forms, finding methodologies, exploring the latest computational design methods and digital fabrication techniques in order to incorporate them into her first creative footsteps. And…. look here she is within a short period of time becoming the “jewel” talk of the town.

MORPHḖ comes from the Ancient Greek word  “μορφῆ” which refers to the shape and form of an entity. Inspired from whatever her eyes can catch, she has achieved not only to combine digital forms with the intelligence of 3D printing technology in order to embrace the body but also give the chance to the wearer to make a statement. Ready available are three collections – Bonus, The Soul, Shell- in old plated and silver for day or night out looks with two common features: endless curves and detailed finishes.

Organic forms are translated into body sculptures which follow the curves of the human body and allow the wearer to unfold her most erotic expression. Thus, taking the body as a canvas, she creates bejewelled sculptures that embrace it grabbing all eyes for their exquisite design and “personality”.

Find out more here: https://www.morphelondon.com 

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