Penelope Kallirosi’s call for an endless game of tags

February 11, 2018

Dog tags are considered to be a masculine “privilege” as they were primarily used for the identification of military personnel however women always find extraordinary while interesting ways to style themselves with the most unique accessories. The Greek jewelry designer, Penelope Kallirosi, on this occasion calls our attention to the game of discovering our personal tag through a whole collection of words, symbols and initials.

Tags Collection consists of three series: Monogramma for classic jewel lovers who love charms with initials in the Latin or Greek alphabet, Game of Words for an endless game with indicative words or personal messages of the wearer and last but not leastTatouage for retro symbol seekers as the specific ones are inspired from old school tattoos.

Each of the aforementioned series includes pendants in four sizes for endless layering, engraved pairs of earrings or single ones, bracelets and rings for both men and women. Although, the most important feature of all the series are the personalised engravings and the fact that all words, symbols or initials’s fonts are done by hand. Doesn’t it sound like a perfectly unique gift for you or your loved ones? So, if so many variations are available, what are you waiting for?

You may find more info here: http://www.penelopekallirosi.com

 Sparkly Kisses,

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