Diamonds are forever ?

December 12, 2013

Diamonds: A woman’ s eternal best friend, a registered trademark of the world of luxury that have never lost their shine. The word Diamond originates from the Greek word “Adamas” which means invincible due to it’s great hardness. Does this known mineral have the power to dazzle everyone?

There are many theories, songs, movies and maybe some marriages that have been sacrificed due to diamonds! So, practically, I could say that it’s power is terrifying! Whether it’s power lasts in time, Shirley Bassey is the most appropriate person to answer:

Throughout the years, the relationship between women and diamonds has proved valuable and remains unaltered in time taking into consideration the diamond sales that have rocketed. However, their timelessness has been shaken by new trends in jewelry, products and materials and needs of the female world!

Woman, as a complex human being, can not be content with shinning stuff that has a short life span but prefer the duration of the shine which is located in small every day things that are enclosed with love.

So, are diamonds forever?

Sparkly kisses,

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