The power of minimalism

January 11, 2014

A jewel box is filled with rings, necklaces, earrings, some unworn, some over worn, some vintage, some modern, others with great sentimental value. I was never fond of fancy jewelry but I admire jewelry with “character”, geometric designs, simple treasures that can be combined with other pieces.



Those are timeless jewels that “accompany” you in your life adding style without being well kept in a drawer. I love jewelry, especially pieces that can stick onto me and that can easily blend with more pieces or be left on their own. The reason? The sense of “security” that they express and that they bring back moments, people and emotions.


Gaia Repossi with her gorgeous double rings proves that minimalism even in accessories – in small luxuries that can change an outfit- hides a force that stands out from the variety of bling blings, providing its own signature.

Be as simple as it gets!

Sparkly Kisses,



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