Five jewelry trends

January 23, 2014

The new season for some people has started with setting new goals at all levels while for others with looking back at the past. However, these two categories of people are similar to each other because all of them before embarking on something new have certainly studied, prepared and mapped each next step based on the ones they have previously taken.

Thus, amongst other things that may be in our closet, there are some existing jewels based upon which we continue to add a new ones. Taking this into consideration, while tidying up my jewels, I deciphered using new trends. Thus, I conclude to keep ones that I love and invest to newest having into my mind that anyone how dares to invest to new and different jewels, he is definitely being rewarded.

Take a look at my favorite jewelry trends here:



Νο 1: Ear Cuffs

largeΝo 2: Double rings

Νο 3: Hair jewelry chains

Νο 4: Serpent- inspired jewels

Νο 5: Hand Cuff

small_Item_of_the_Day-LeiVanKash_Haya_Hand_CuffSparkly kisses,

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