Go Caia Go!

January 28, 2014

The well- known to all of us, Chiara Ferragni decided to reveal her childhood identity and once again excite her fanatic audience with her new creations.

Thus, the cute nickname we all had in our childhood continues to guide our lives (between us, those who know me well know that my mum still calls me with my childhood nickname- no, I will not reveal it)! Chiara is the proof of this phenomenon as she has chosen to “christen” her new step in the field of jewelry with her childhood nickname “Caia”.


Following her endless travels- we got tired of seeing her holding a suitcase- the beautiful Italian blogger proved that companion to her every new project is that of success. As Chiara claims, her new jewelry line really is «in her heart» and for this reason she decided name it “Caia”, a loving and so familiar name to her since it accompanied her at the most tender age. Filled with messages of love and kisses, she invites us to her own world which seems like a paradise!


For more info: http://www.caiajewels.com/

Complimenti Chiara!

Sparkly Kisses,

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