Daphne P: Enchanted in the world of jewelry

February 6, 2014

If she was working in the television industry, she would surely be behind the scenes, coordinating and adding her own touch to each project. I could describe her as a distinctive talent who prefers to observe and express herself in the “shadows” in contrast to her work which forces her to come into the spotlight.

Daphne Papathanasopoulou from her very early age was following her well known mother -Marianna Petridis- to jewelry exhibitions in Paris, Munich and Milan. Thus, she learned how to live and be familiar with the world of art and jewelry. From the very outset, one can perceive how much she loves her everyday life which is full of these sparkling jewels that are most loved by women.


Silver and bronze are her partners – in an “endless conversation” with the results always rewarding her- . Her latest creations represent nature as they depict branches of trees that adorn the female body in the best way!

daphnep1As an artist, her inspiration derives from small things in everyday life which are converted into small ornaments for a Woman’s world! Her jewelry style, as she claims, is anthropocentric as each design aims to practical and usable. Personally, I adore her creations because they can be combined with others all day long.



She is not the designer who sticks to fashionable pieces but prefers timeless and classic jewelry, respecting at the same time all the new trends! Her “touch” in jewels is “discreet”. She is opposed to fancy “creations” in a shop window as she is in favor of those that are born when worn!


She adores Delfina’s Delettrez playful rings, David’s Yurman cuffs and Odette’ s rings. I forgot to mention that she is a ring lover as for her, the key piece for a woman are rings, many or few with any emotional attachment that each may carry!

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