February 11, 2014

The date on my calendar shows the 14th of February and from the slit of my window I can see that it’s raining… hearts! For some people this day is loved whilst for others it is hated. Personally, this day -regardless my emotional status- never moved me. I find it neither lovable, neither hatable. However, throughout the years, I started to think about this day differently, not as a celebration day when you have to “honor” your darling with little hearts, teddy bears, flowers and all those clichés in red color, but as a feast of which the launch is marked with a big “STOP”. What do I mean with the word “STOP»?
I’m referring to the “STOP” from the stresses of work, household, our egos so as for us to take a look at the person who is always by our side, to make our own “emotional assessment” and to reconsider about the person who continuously endures us -with all the aforementioned anxieties, joys, sorrows. What if there is no one in our life (and I am referring to those who throw up little hearts in the name of St. Valentine) either by choice or consciously? In that case, we set our grim-faces aside for the feast of love and take an assessment of ourselves as if we do not careabout ourselves then we can neither receive or offer these “hateful” red hearts transformed into feelings.


In a nutshell, I made my market research and discovered the below ones:

For love stuckers:


They can be found at Feather shop: http://on.fb.me/1fYHXAg

For vintage lovers


Discover them at Marianna’s Petridi jewelry shop: http://on.fb.me/1botYHa

For ring lovers

For Greece only through it’s official site: http://bit.ly/1ok4SfC

For classic and timeless tastes

You can find them at the official site: http://www.tiffany.com/

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Sparkly Kisses,


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