March Bracelet: Is it a fashion trend or a Greek custom?

February 28, 2014

The days without the scarfs wrapped around our neck are coming. Spring is ahead of us and we are getting more and more excited at trying out our floral trousers again and filling our hands with colorful, small or large bracelets, the so called “arm party”.

March except for its sunny days is accompanied with a distinct addition to the “jungle” of our hand, the March bracelet which is Spring’s registered trademark. This bracelet is well known for its attribute, protection from the sun (according to popular folklore).

While I was growing up, I remember my mom spending hours making threads and loving the most outstanding thin red-white bracelet. As a little girl, I was always wondering about the two-coloured bracelet. “This red and white bracelet is our tradition”, she explained to me. However, as I grew older, I noticed that this tradition is unchangeable but can be translated in one’s imagination in different ways as one can transform it to a fashion trend. What do I mean?

We once had our moms who were making this thin bracelet the night before the 1st of March, yet now the March bracelet is offered in different designs by various talented Greek designers:



Katerina Ioannidis

1970776_515934498524688_1602008699_nMaya Zoulovits

march Feather Box

Either by tradition or fashion, our hand every year is being decorated by the popular March bracelet!

Sparkly Kisses,

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