In high or low spirits: Alison Lou Jewels

March 10, 2014

There is no doubt that we live in a digital age where everyone seeks to acquire the newest mobiles, computers and tablets to surf and communicate quickly and easily with friends, colleagues and family.

Communication has become more impersonal, multidimensional and complicated – for some of us. Adults and youngsters when go out for a drink chat with “their mobile” without raising an eyebrow.

Checking our profile on facebook, instagram, twitter etc has become a daily preoccupation and the need to share our experiences, emotions and our personal moments through words, pictures and videos with our digital friends has continuously increased.

Words dwindle to 140 characters, images are accompanied with hashtags and our emotions are translated through funny and amusing, sad and sorrowful emoticons.



img-thingIt seems that young artists from different backgrounds react to this change and have been inspired by the new way of life the new generation has adopted. A valued representative of these youths is Alison Chelma who inspired by the chatting emoticons, has transformed them into gold precious creations under the brand named Alison Lou.


Ιnfo: http://www.alisonlou.com/

In high or low spirits, there is always a reason to shine!

Sparkly Kisses,

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