Back to school … with the five new trends in jewelry for the Fall/ Winter 2015-16

September 3, 2015

September: A month of adapting and returning to reality, to everyday life, for some people at work and for others at school. This is a month that the ending point of the summer insouciance intersected with that of the autumn’s start point. Always during this period, my mood changes, I become more creative and prepared for the upcoming winter with new proposals, ideas and plans. Thus, returning back my”school desk”, I began to study and noted this winter’s “protagonists” of the most sparkling outfits.

1. Pearls: Black or White



The symbol of purity and elegance that Coco Chanel highlighted in the best way, the pearl is starring in this year’s runways and revives the classic luxury. This trend’s specificity is in its diverse versions, such as the black pearl which Stella McCartney highlighted, enabling even those who refuse to try a classical piece, to dare and give a twist to their winter outfits. Moreover, pearls – even if you wear many rows- are of the jewels that are supported by all ages, reminding of forgotten family heirlooms that never lose their value.

2.Chokers- Bold necklaces


This year the necklace comes closer to our neck and brings back to the forefront the so-called “chockers”, one of the oldest jewelry, known by the female Indian figures. The options are two: whether in gold / silver or velvet for a more vampy finish. On the other hand, if you do not like the 90’s style there is always the alternative of a bold ornate necklace- ideally with fringes- that attracts all the glances. Conclusion: volume, volume, volume again in necklaces!

3.Pin it – Brooches


If you think that fashion is not a cyclical matter then you’re wrong. Proof of this are the pins that are returning dynamically to show off our woolen coats giving a retro flair to any look. Worthwhile are the pins of the house Prada which present a mix & match of plastic and diamond version of classic pins that make them stand out among others.

4.Statement earrings or earring (uni- earring)


This summer the statement earrings continue to be at the forefront drawing all glances. The surprise for the winter is the new trend in this category, the uni- earing, i.e. the single earring – a trend that is convenient for those who often lose the other half- and enables to experiment with endless combinations, either with a statement earring or with one large and one small (mix & match). What is certain is that this winter fashion refines our earrings to reach our shoulders.

5.Face piercing 


The punk references with dominants in this category Givenchy and Acne Studios make their mark inthe fashion world, define one of the most unique trends in the world of jewelry. Few are those who would try face piercings but certainly there are those whowould that will have all the flashes on them regarding their boldness and their particular personality.

From the elegance that pearls give to subversive facial piercing, the Fall / Winter 2015-16 seems to be full of inexhaustible combinations that will balance both to latest trends and our personality.

Sparkly Kisses,


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