The jewelry designer, Elena Kougianou reveals her finest version

September 14, 2015

Fairy laced headbands, shiny earrings and necklaces, cuffs that dominate every elegant woman’s wrist and rings full of color and imagination are the elements that make Elena Kougianou stand out in the realm of handmade jewelry.

Blaise Earrings BlackBlaise Earrings RedAs a creator who is never complacent, she is turning once again the spotlight on her with her new venture in the field of fine jewelry. Her new collection named “Elliptic Hyperbola” is based on the beauty of geometry and symmetry. Her new collection is influenced by architecture which is in absolute harmony with the color palette of the 70’s. Cocktail rings, geometric and delicate earrings, daintily bracelets “dipped” in shades of turquoise, emerald, black and yellow are the “protagonists” of her new collection.

Delta Ring Green

The basic materials of her new collection, black and yellow gold blend harmoniously with blue and pink sapphires, emeralds, brown diamonds that give a sparkling finish to any look. The new element in her collection lies in the enamel which for the designer is the driving force that helps lead her to the integration and development of this venture.

Ellipse Bracelet Turq.Ellipse Earrings Turq.

Every creation is a surprise both for herself – exploring over time her endless possibilities but also for us as we take into consideration her new fine “identity” we find out that this girl came to rock the “boat” yet once again with her new pieces.

Photo Credits: Christina Demiri

You can find out more about Elena Kougianou here: www.elenakougianou.com

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