The new “gem” at the centre of Athens: The second i-D Concept Store

November 12, 2015

Within two years the i-D Concept Store in the Golden Hall has become the favorite spot of the northern suburbs and there is no wonder as to why, since it offers a wide range of premium products that everyone desires to have. i- D is now expanding downtown with the opening of a larger store aiming to enhance its retail customer service.


The new store located at the corner of Kanari and Sekeri streets (the main entrance is at No. 12 Kanari) stands out for its elegant lay out and displays. I can admit that when I passed by, I stayed in front of it wondering if I was abroad or in Athens. The new i- D, having the devil in each detail, features a great selection of accessories, sunglasses, bags, purses and carry-ons, custom and fine jewelry, watches, exclusive fragrances, candles, clothes, shoes, books and art, high- tech goods, beauty products into three zones under a single roof.



It offers a balanced mix of established brands, promising young artists and internationally renowned Greek jewelry designers, such as Lito, Polina Sapouna Ellis, Dolly Boucogiannis, Maria Mastori, Antonia Karra, Ioanna Souflia etc. Through its product selection i-D provides a marketplace for those seeking something original, unique and surprising that expresses their identity and passion for life and beauty.



We are so happy about the opening of the second i-D store, a larger and more interactive concept store in the very heart of Athens for everyone to hang out in“, commented Mrs Deros, founder of i-D.

In a nutshell, i-D as a “universe” of luxury and high quality is expected to become a long-time companion to many Athenians.

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