The face piercing revolution

February 17, 2016

Revolutions come and go. Rebels are always different and the reason of rebelling keeps changing. This time, rebels are determined that their “message” is going to expand through the world.”Try piercing your face and dare to be different”, is being yelled from the red carpet to numerous runways. Face piercing seems to have become the best alternative to a tattoo. The reason? Jewellery is much nicer than before, letting one be more playful all day long and express his/her personality freely.

IMG_1909  IMG_1906  IMG_1907

Indeed, the new trend is a way of expressing your rebel side, to add an edge to your look and make a statement. The face or ear piercing seems the most commonly observed. Proof of that is the numerous selfies on Instagram. Earrings have changed their form through the replacement of classic pearls with “bars”, “studs”, “orbs” that adorn ones face. Additionally, we can admit that the new trend has let rebels “carry” on their face from a minimal circle to a 18k diamond earring.

IMG_1908 20-Ear-Piercings

Good news for those who are not willing to dare with the real ones but lust to keep up with changing trends; There are some clips and accessories that give them the chance to be a “bad” girl for one night. The bold ones know that piercing is not a permanent “sport” as the holes can heal and close and one can have the chance to experiment with different jewellery combinations and styles.



The real question is: Are you going to dare to adopt the new trend or give the fakes a  try ?

Photos via Pinterest

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