The Greek soul on the Olympic medals

August 9, 2016

The event of the year, Olympic Games 2016,  has started with already one Greek athlete achieving to stand on the winning podium in Rio, crooning proudly the national anthem with the victor’s prizes, the Olympic medals, hanging around her neck. My attention- except for our national win- drew once again to every contestant’s dream: the gold, silver and bronze Rio Olympic medals.

Despite not being an athlete, in 2002, the Greek designer, Elena Votsi  “dived” across the finish line among 9 competitors when her design was chosen by the Olympic Committee to be the one that will revamp for the first time the medals since the Amsterdam Olympic Games in 1928. This honor was one of the most carving moments to the designer’s life and to our country. Her design –  the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, descending from the sky to place a laurel wreath on the winner’s head in the middle of the old Olympic stadium with the Parthenon in the background- was selected to remain the front of the medals for 2004 Olympic Games and for all Games to come, showing the dynamic of the Greek soul and spirit.



More than 5.000 medals were created for the Olympic Games in Rio – 2.488 medals for the Olympic Games and 2,642 for the Paralympics- weighing 500g each and for their construction half recyclable materials, fact ribbon made of 50% recycled PET have been used.



Wishing to all Greek athletes who participate and represent our country at this year’s Olympic Games to meet Elena Votsi’s success and contribute to the spread of the Olympic spirit and ideals through their work, as the aforementioned designer has already done, making us timelessly proud!

Sparkly Kisses,


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