B- Tal Jewellery: A bond of modern lines with unique designs

September 3, 2016

The brand B-Tal was launched in 2011 presenting sculptural pieces for both day and night. Tell me a few words about your jewelry pieces.                                                                  

B-Tal jewellery aims at being eye-catching without losing its quality, embracing in gently the human body. As such, each jewel can be considered a fashion statement or, if you will, an ‘all-time classic’ that can be worn by women (and men) of all ages, at all times and in any social context. In order to retain these core values as well as remain aligned with contemporary trends and styles, my collections are carefully thought-out, planned and designed at least 6 months in advance. However, in recent times, ever more loyal B-Tal customers have been asking for custom-made creations for special occasions which are, in turn, faithfully prepared with the B-Tal ethos and characteristic style at heart but with the addition of their personalized brushstrokes.

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Recently, you started creating a series of fine jewelry embellished with sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds. What is the main difference with your basic line in their designing and purchasing steps?

Working with precious stones has been one of the chief aspirations of mine from the moment of B-Tal Jewelry’s inception. Thus, the recent launch of my first fine jewelry collection has been a huge personal accomplishment, all the more because of its popularity and success. Indeed, this coming winter my plans are to refine this fine collection as well as extend it through bringing to life a series of B-Tal wedding ring designs that I have in store, as well as through several items of previous collections that, by popular demand, have required the addition of precious stones for quite some time now. Although the process of completing fine collection designs is roughly similar to the rest of my designs, the fact that custom-made creations are all the more popular (as well as, in fact, I would say, recommended) in the broad spectrum of my fine collection, poses the greatest challenge. Indeed, a custom-made fine jewel requires searching for the stone or stones whose measurements and analogies harmonically embrace the customer’s body; a search that can often prove formidable. The initial design must then be refined and adjusted, based on these stones, in order for the final result to be impeccable, appealing and fulfilling insofar as the customer’s requirements and tastes are concerned.


Do you believe that women should wear multi layering jewelry or style themselves with few but precious ones?

I do not personally believe in hard and fast fashion rules, especially if the trend-follower does not feel satisfied with the ultimate result. Each woman has (and must have) her own style – her personal imprint – which should revolve around feeling at the same time comfortable and beautiful. Evidently, this imprint should be flexible and be able to be adjusted according to social context, time of the day, period of the year and overall periodical fashion swings.

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Do you think that Greek jewelry designers can stand out abroad? Which designer in Greece do you admire the most?

As Greeks, we are blessed with a vast heritage in jewelry making that spans nearly 4 millennia, commences with the intricate techniques of the Mycenaeans and proceeds, uninterrupted, throughout classical antiquity, Hellenistic times and the Byzantine Era. As much as it is a blessing however, this heritage is also a curse as we are indebted with the duty to pick up this long, heavy thread and move it forward into the 21st century. One of the designers that, in my opinion, has undoubtedly succeeded in doing so is Nikos Koulis. Any new jewellery designer following his career will soon realise that the main ingredients of success and international acknowledgement are as simple as they are scarce in modern Greece: hard work, unblemished work ethic and prioritising quality over quantity (and/or profit).
_uploads_2014_11_arial-oval_uploads_2014_11_arial-oval-2Where do you see B-Tal brand in 5 years from now?What are your next business goals?

Ever since the launch of B-Tal Jewelry in 2011 I have always set the bar as high as possible, knowing that even if I do not always manage to reach my targets, I will have produced something worthwhile. This ethos has served me well over the past 5 years, as it has allowed me to accomplish things that, at first, seemed unreachable, and therefore I do not intend to abandon it in the coming years. At the 10-year hallmark, apart from a personal atelier which I aspire to have opened, I envision – and already work tirelessly towards – a much broader reach for B-Tal Jewellery, with partners not only in Australia, Italy, France, the USA and Greece (as is currently the case), but also across the world, without of course compromising my cardinal emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Another goal of mine is for circumstances to allow me to continue producing all of my hand-made work in Greece. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with the long-awaited economic and cultural recovery of our country and thus, I guess, rather than a target as such, is more of a wish that lives deeply within each and every one of us but requires our collective effort to be achieved.


Find out more about about B- Tal Jewelry here: http://www.b-tal.com

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