“MOP Shell”: Melanie Georgacopoulos’ new pearly collection

October 17, 2016

Following the huge success of her latest jewelry line, Melanie Georgacopoulos, the designer who liberated and gave a new life to the classic pearl, returns to the forefront debuting her freshly new collection. “MOP Shell”, the new chapter in her pearly world, consisting of versatile earrings, open bangles, intriguing double rings and day to night pendants echoes the potential of the natural mother of pearl while reeling out its rich and romantic color palette.
4Mother of pearl, otherwise known as nacre is produced by mollusks as an inner shell layer and also makes up the outer coating of pearls. It can be commonly found, if one roams around the world, from East Asian and Islamic religious art, in popular Victorian household items such as knife handles and buttons to Chinese gaming counters and delicate caviar spoons. As a material it is more widely used than pearls, however, despite its popularity, it has never reached the pearl’s symbolic status.


Giving a birth to this material and creating seamless three dimensional diamond and emerald forms, the designer further pushed her exploration into the relationship between gemstones and pearls in contemporary jewelry. As a result, in her new collection, Melanie Georgacopoulos showcases that seeking in the bottomless world of pearls, one can dig out wearable treasures in every woman’s everyday life.

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Explore Melanie Georgacopoulos’ new collection here: http://www.melaniegeorgacopoulos.com

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