A glimpse into Katerina Makriyianni’s frisky jewel world

November 5, 2016

When was the moment that you realized that you would start designing jewelry?

Designing jewelry was something that I have been doing since my early years due to the family business that my parents started in 1988. The moment I decided to be officially part of the family business and join forces so that it would become known abroad coincided with the moment when I decided to design my own jewelry. Thus, when I got my degree in theatrical studies, I decided to not pursue a career on stage but to put all my effort and ideas into our small family business.

What material do you like to work with? E.g. Silver? Wool? Reasons?

When I design I have no limits on the things that I’m going to use in order to create jewels. Nevertheless, the material I definitely love and want to use on my jewelry is gold or the color of gold in any form that it can be found. Gold, in my opinion is such a warm color combined with vivid colors that I also love to use, and it has the characteristic ability to warmly embrace the beauty of a woman and bring it out.


To what type of women do you believe your jewelry matches more?

I never think of that! I believe and hope that my jewelry can adjust and embrace the style of various types of women, as long as they want to play with them and create their unique style.

bike   golden-big-hoop-earrings

How did your collaboration with Net-a-Porter materialize?

That event was due to a happy coincidence. By the time I was trying to spread my wings and find a way to present my jewelry overseas, Maria Kastani – a good friend and mentor- was visiting my studio in Chania in order to suggest a  potential collaboration. Maria Kastani is a talented person who knows the world of fashion in depth and has a talent in the art of communication. Maria believed in my designs like they were hers and everything else fell into place.

Do you think jewels express ones personality?

Definitely, Yes. In fact I believe it is the main reason why jewels are made. The jewelry that everyone chooses and the way that they wear it is a unique expression of each one’s personality.

Photo credits: Kynthia Kindeli, Mikela Papadoulaki

Explore more about Katerina Makriyianni’s jewelry here: http://www.katerinamakriyianni.com

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