The jewelry world through the eyes of Liana Vourakis

June 27, 2017

Your family business started in 1926 creating unique pieces, most of them depicting symbols e.g. eyes, snakes, clovers. What is the explanation behind this observation?

My family has been active in the field of jewellery since 1926 when my grandfather started his own business. The collections with symbols that I create draw inspiration from nature and the rich Greek and Mediterranean cultures. I strongly believe that we need to keep our valuable heritage alive through jewellery.

Do you believe in trends or are you an advocate of old time classics?

I am a very big fan of classic and vintage collections. I believe that they represent the backbone of a brand. However, I think that varying trends offer a very interesting source for new creations mostly if you combine them with your classic ones.

Are your travels the secret “ingredient” for your inspiration and your timeless success in the field of jewellery? If not, from where do you source your inspiration?

My travels are a main source of inspiration. When you travel, your mind is set free releasing secret forces of creativity! Although, at the same time, I research and do lots of reading which consist a main part of the job!

What jewellery piece can you not detach from your daily life? Is it a vintage piece or something from your current collection?

I choose to wear vintage pieces in my every day life, mainly family treasures. I do believe that this kind of jewellery becomes part of our identity.

Do you believe that the social media phenomenon has contributed in a positive or a negative way for a jewellery designer?

The power of social media is without any doubt a very important tool for the jewellery business, helping a brand for its mass exposure. At the same time,  it acts in a way as a “spy” and permitting copyright infringement.

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Photo credits: Charalampos Pan.

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