Anklets: The 90’s under-knee adornment

August 8, 2017

It goes without saying that anklets are back inaugurating the summer mood and endless vacations. No matter how you wear them, the only sure thing is that their comeback is more dynamic than ever shaping themselves as the fashionable must-have summer accessory.

Materials and styles vary satisfying every appetite while in parallel making the mix and match procedure even more interesting. Gold chains as a luxury indicator, silver ones with charms carrying out the most summery “amulets”, beaded in a colourful palette, small or large seashells in a row with touches of bohemian spirit and unbalanced architecture designs that can definitely elevate any summer look, embellishing tanned legs in the most sparkling way.

Wearing them stack-matched with your flip flops on one leg or separated, paired with your leather sandals, which in the grand scheme of things is of no importance as long as you feel the free-spirited lady inside you searching for freedom everywhere and in everything.

If you are thinking of trying the most summery trend, you must firstly ensure to find out which suits your style and secondly choose the best version of yourself:

Venyx World

Danai Giannelli


Jennifer Fisher


Photo credits: Instagram accounts: Venyx World, Danai Giannelli, Jennifer Fisher, Minas

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