Fey Papanikou: The architectural “mind” of jewellery

December 5, 2017

Do you consider that jewellery is objects of art or integral parts of the human body?

From my point of view, art is anything that can affect a person’s feelings and evoke emotion either due to its adequacy or its message. A jewel on its own can spark off thoughts and reactions. Personally, from the very first moment of the conception of an idea and throughout the design process, I take into consideration the human scale, as well as the human body and its form which define the final result significantly. I bring forward the human body throughout the whole creative process aiming to design jewellery that “communicates” with the body by accentuating its lines and curves. Finally, I aim to design jewellery that becomes one whole with the body, avoiding to make a piece that comes out either stronger or weaker and becomes an individual decoration.

Architecture, Geometry and Greece appear to be the main sources of your inspiration. Do you think that a person can fit this role?

My studies in Architecture have defined greatly the way I see things around me, as well as the way I design. The simplicity and clarity of the Ancient Greek patterns consist of another source of inspiration which I filter through my perspective. Nevertheless, a person could potentially be the initiation of the design of a new piece. I have  observed, however, that usually, apart from the figure or the style, I am affected and inspired mainly by the personality of people I meet or are part of my environment.

What part of the jewellery process do you enjoy the most?

The period starting from the conception of the idea, followed by the phase of design experimentation has always been the most creative for me. I have noticed that the most important part of my creative process is from the moment that a theme enters my mind and I start to experiment with sketches or small mock-ups. It is very rare for me to know from the beginning where these first thoughts will lead. Most of the times I am surprised by the evolution from the very first moment that an idea is born until the completion of a piece or a collection.

What do you think the secret is of being creative and running your own business amidst the economic crisis?

I believe that there have always been difficulties throughout history, due to different reasons each time. Thus, nowadays, when someone starts something based solely on his own means, the path might be hard, but patience, persistence and sensible and well-thought steps can bring results. It is true that while practicing a profession that is connected directly with luxury, your feelings often vary, especially if you do not remain indifferent to the situation around you. But I have realized that being creative is a way of living for me, so I keep on doing it vigorously and joyfully, without having as a main purpose neither profit nor fast recognition.

With what piece of jewellery can one be first introduced to your brand?

The overall design of the collections is defined by clarity, simplicity and geometric angle. I think that the Collection Geometries is primarily the creation that conveys the aesthetics as well as the philosophy of the brand.

Discover more about the designer here: http://www.feypapanikoujewel.comhttp://www.feypapanikoujewel.com/shop

Photo Credits: Charalampos Pan.

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