Melanie Nydegger and her “Eikosi Dyo” story

January 26, 2018

Why Eikosi Dyo? What is the story behind your brand’s name?

Eikosi Dyo means “twenty two” in Greek (for those who do not understand Greek). The “22nd” day a chance meeting took place and was the first domino which in its motion triggered this wonderful adventure. From this momentum “eikosi dyo” was born.

As far as I am aware, you are Swiss born, Paris based but Greece is your main source of inspiration. How did this occur?

Yes, I grew up in Switzerland and at the age of 18 moved to Paris to become an actress, but somehow I ended up in the fashion world being a fashion editor for about 10 years. Greece is in my life since my childhood, I’ve spent all of my summer holidays in the Cyclades, but for some reason for many years I hadn’t returned to Greece. When I did come back I immediately reconnected with the land and fell in love again with the beauty and the light of this wonderful country which awoke my creativity and helped me design my first line of jewellery.

Delicate jewels or bulk statement pieces? Which do you prefer and why?

Obviously delicate, as I am more of a minimalist person, it fits better with my personality, my taste and my inspiration. I like to wear jewellery all the time as a second skin, always with me. I love the idea of eternity, this is why I’ve chosen to work with gold and precious stones. Although, I do appreciate certain bulky jewels. I already designed a mens/womens collection which is not so tiny as my gold lines.

What piece do you think women should invest in right now from your collection?

Two pieces come to mind: the “Rainbow” necklace with tourmaline stone. Each piece is unique, and wouldn’t you want to wear an exclusive piece of jewellery? The “Iris” bracelet from the SS18 collection: it’s so colorful, with seven different colors of stones: diamond, pink, yellow, orange, blue sapphire, tsavorite and ruby. You definitely want fun and playfulness for the coming summer, but still delicate and refined!

What is the next step for your brand? Should we expect a new collection or are you going to expand a current one?

Opening the e-shop on the Eikosi Dyo website is definitely the next step. Regarding new collections, every season I am actually designing 3 to 5 new lines, and I am very happy and excited with the ones I’ve just designed for fw2018/19. They will be surprising and different but so “Eikosi Dyo” at the same time!

Find out more about Melanie Nydegger and Eikosi Dyo here: http://www.eikosi-dyo.com

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