Wearable “Money- Money” by Maria Kaprili

April 26, 2018

Wearable money? Wait.. do you mean that our renowned medium of exchange can also be part of our outfit? Oh yes, darling! Thus, the next time you need a little extra cash you have to dig through your jewelry box as Maria Kaprili’s new collection “Money- Money”  should be a part of every women’s collection!

The aforementioned jewelry expert and designer, maintaining her bohemian style revitalized old coins from all over the world into fully coloured wearable treasures. Each of them is unique, manufactured in silver 925 with various colour options but stable shine destined to be worn by women of highly aesthetic ogle.

Every piece depicts a different representation from which one part keeps a country’s history alive while on the other lightens it up with vibrant shades that prompt the wearer not only to search about the origin of its treasure but to experiment with different styles and colour combinations.


The Money – Money  collection can convince not only the classic design lovers but also those who opt to choose jewelry with a twist. If you are looking for a particular piece of jewelry for your summer day ‘n night outfits to stand alone or play with a mix and match, you know where to find it. Ooops, I forgot to disclose that you can take a look at them at Maria Kaprili’s Flagship Store downtown (Tip: When passing by you may be impressed not only by her work but also by her perfectly crafted space)

Find out more details here: https://www.mariakaprili.com

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