Anna Kitsou: Ceramic jewellery in its most contemporary version

June 4, 2018

How did your journey into the world of jewelry commence?

I studied Graphic Design & I had my M.A. inVisual Communication at Vakalo Art & design College, Athens. Before I focused exclusively on jewelry I had worked as an Art director at advertising companies. A few years later I entered into the magic world of ceramic art. The idea to make jewelry came to me naturally. I had the need to create with my own hands, hence the creation of jewelry was a conscious decision.

Why did you choose to dedicate your jewelry solely based on clay?

Yes, I work exclusively on designing and making of ceramic jewellery. For me it is the feeling of taking a raw piece of clay and creating something unique with forms, shapes and textures from scratch.Do you think that ceramic jewelry is exclusively art pieces made to be seen in exhibitions or can they be wearable pieces in our everyday life?

Although I started my career in art exhibitions abroad and specifically in Schmuck, gallery Weltraum, Munich and in Sieraad, Amsterdam I have always been interested in creating handmade ceramic jewellery that are wearable and accessible to customers without losing the quality and their unique design. I’m very pleased that my jewellery have become easily recognized for their contemporary and special character.

Recently, you took part in the exhibition “Contemporary Minoans” at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum organized by Branding Heritage in cooperation with the British School of Athens honoring designers whose work is inspired from Minoan culture; Tell us more about this experience.

Branding Heritage has invited me to participate in the exhibition “Contemporary Minoans” dedicated to the Minoan civilization at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion in Crete. This particular exhibition showcases the time influence of our ancient greek civilization and calls greek designers to get inspired and create something new out of the old. I got inspired by the symbol of the spiral which represents the living force present in all the pottery of Minoan period. Furthermore, the frescoes from Knossos Palace, specifically the Blue Ladies, the 8 shaped shield and the rosettes have also been my reference. The exhibition will last until 12 June 2018.

Which of your pieces do you recommend for summer nights and stylish daily looks?

I would recommend specific patterns and shades of colors in which a woman feels comfortable with, depending on her mood.

Find out more about Anna Kitsou:www.annakitsou.com

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