Makriyiannis family 30 years jewellery celebration

August 1, 2018

Just before the end of July, the Makriyiannis family celebrated 30 years of designing jewellery made of love and persistence to what their soul feeds. It was one of the most moving events which took place at Manousakis Winery in Chania in between olive trees, abundant wine, relaxing jazz and friends who admire jewellery of high aesthetics and quality. Although, the highlight of the event was displayed inside the winery’s cellar where one could riffle through the family’s 30 year design story when Eva Makriyiannis started to unwrap her creativity into jewellery pieces, Nikos Makriyiannis added his own touches and later on their own child Katerina Makriyiannis followed her own jewellery path creating step by step a new collection which lightened up the family’s jewellery tale. The Makriyiannis’ family, aka Technima- their store which is a must when visiting Chania- thank all guests who participated in their celebration which was dedicated to their devotion to the art of jewelry. In between their personal and yet unique pieces which were born over time, in addition Katerina Makriyianni presented her well known colourful frisky earrings as well as her new designs made of fabrics characterized by their featured dimensions.

It was not only a jewellery event with unique creations to remember but also a reminder that priceless pieces are made not only by people who love what they do but also by people who give birth to them, live beside them and make them part of their lives. Wishing this hospitable and very particular family to have countless years of inspired designs, success and jewellery moments to pass to the next generation!

Explore more here: Katerina Makriyianni & Technima

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