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3+1 ideas to store your jewelry

September 25, 2018

No matter how many pieces of jewellery you may own, how much you love or take care of them, the time will always come when you have to put your treasures in order and finally get rid of your bejewelled mess. There is no doubt that their storage depends firstly on the type of person – e.g. if you are the one who has all kinds of life “boxes” and secondly on their usage – e.g. when you want to pick them up easily and select your daily jewelry “costume” in a flash. Whether you belong to the first cluster or to the second one, the only indisputable thing is the fact that you want to start organising your jewellery mess as you have already chosen to read this article and find out the way that suits you best in the below list:

1. The luxury jewellery box

For those who prefer classic luxury to any function of their daily life, the only option is the Smythson Mara jewellery box which features tarnish-resistant compartments, a removable tray and travel box for trips with their possessions in the most exquisite fashionable way.2. The affordable version

One of the most affordable yet proper version of making a room to your jewellery is the Zara Mirrored jewellery box with drawers which can be used as a decorative box lightening up your space.

 Zara jewelry boxZara jewelry box

3. The feminine jewellery storage

Small, sexy or the synonym of feminine, the red silk satin Miu Miu jewelry box is the ideal proposal for those who want to feel like a lady even when organising their bewejelled possessions. Designed to store precious belongings, featured by its sexy structure, including a contrasting pink lining alongside an internal mirror, multiple trays and tie pouches.Miu Miu- jewellery box4. The Greek design option

If you are a Lito jewellery lover, you should definitely go for L’objet+Lito plates as they considered to be – a not to be missed- not only storage for your jewellery but also a decorative object which looks like a jewel itself. Handcrafted in porcelain with 24-carat gold plating depicting an eye, a “talisman” of good luck and a traditional symbol of protection which serves as a constant reminder to be aware, to dispel negative energy, and to seek beauty in everyday life.

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