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Pari Sofianou: The Greek cosmic jewelry designer you should know

October 11, 2018
Pari Sofianou-earrings

How did you become involved in the jewelry field despite your different background?

I have to admit it. I always liked to be surrounded with jewellery. Since my childhood, I was obsessed with them, I remember myself, as if it was yesterday, playing with my grandmother’s jewellery and making her promise that she will give them all to me. 

 Can you explain your fascination with the cosmic world?

Hmm, its hard to explain but I will try; actually it is more of a feeling that I have for the cosmic world which I imagine.Basically, it is the sense of wonder, the magic of the unknown and the hope of something intelligent and beyond your imaginative existence. It is the very inner of you, it is like we are part of it, like we are made of it.

Which is your favorite part in the process of making jewelry: the concept, the sketching, the material hunt or adding the finishing touches?

Each part has its own beauty. However, my favourite part is the research of new concept. The more I go deeper into the matter, everything I read turns to jewellery and in that way the whole collection feels unique and complete. After that, its how these particular ideas, the jewellery I imagine, can actually be produced and function properly. In addition to all the above parts, the finishing touches give me pure joy. For example, when I go stone shopping I feel like I have arrived in a candy shop!  

Do you think that your collection can be worn day to night or is it designed for specific occasions?  

I think it can be worn 24/7, during all seasons, and on any occasion. Even though my pieces are made of 18kt yellow gold with precious, colourful stones such as sapphires and emeralds (which are my favourite) which add a bit of colour, they can be worn on a daily basis. Personally, wearing jewellery is a form of expressing ones personality and has the tendency to make us more dashing and dynamic than we already are. So, I don’t take anything off, I just add more pieces on each occasion and I end up wearing most of the collection!

What are your next steps? Are you going to enrich the current collection or create a new one? 

A collection never ends, you always go back and add something to each one and it is this process that I love the most about my job. In the meantime, I am working on something new, a fine jewellery collection, with more precious stones and new techniques and one more popular, semi-fine collection, created with 14kt yellow gold or 9kt yellow gold and semi-precious stones.

You can buy her jewels at i-D Concept Stores & Broken English and follow her on social media: Facebook – Instagram

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