Johanna Daniil: Who is the creative soul who stood out on the jewellery map?

November 29, 2018

Fashion is definitely a very familiar word to you as besides being a jewelry designer, you are also involved in styling projects. When did you realize your passion for the art of jewellery?

I have studied fashion design for womenswear and worked in fashion ever since, mainly as a designer. Although, I’ve also tried styling and any other relative jobs  that came my way. Jewelry design happened just like that: we needed jewellery for various projects (photoshoots with Nicholas Georgiou, fashion shows for the designer duo Mi-Ro), so I just made it! During those first experimental times, I realised that I’m good at this, I was enjoying it, and just like that my passion for the art of jewellery began.

What’s your main source of inspiration? Has your background in fashion influenced you?

My main source of inspiration is nature. I was always inspired by the infinite number of combinations, biodiversity, complexity and beauty. Additionally, I am very much inspired by fashion history, an influence from my interest and background in this industry. Vintage fashion, archival couture, antique objects: technically and aesthetically I am inspired  by these decadent objects.

              Feather earringsFeather earrings

What do you think the role of jewelry plays in a woman’s look? Do they supplement it or form a main part of it?

Jewelry can play any role the wearer wishes it to play. It can be discreet or even secret, a beautiful detail. It can be loud and play the central item of focus in a look. It really depends on the character. My jewelry falls in the latter end of the spectrum, it tends to be a focal point in a look.

You have already released three collections with common characteristics: eccentric, asymmetrical & embroidered. What about the next one, are you going to continue this pattern or try to experiment with a new design?

                Pearl necklacePearl necklace

Organically, one collection spills into the other. That is because techniques need to be mastered, materials and their properties should be explored, and good ideas should be redefined every season. On the other hand, every season a breath of fresh air should blow in, and some things should go out. Nevertheless, I will try to stay true to what I’m known for, redefining what I know my clients love, and I will definitely introduce some new designs, to see where that takes Johanna!

Do you think that women should experiment with clothing or jewellery when renewing their look?

I think that women should experiment with every aspect of their appearance. That is one thing at a time! Little tweaks here and there, new designs, new ways of styling wardrobe staples. The only sure thing is that a woman should know who she is and therefore her style. After that, she can experiment on a regular basis within that style!

          Pearl EarringsPearl earrings

Find out more about the designer at johannadaniil.com and shop her jewellery at www.elenimarneri.com

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