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Anklets: The 90’s under-knee adornment

It goes without saying that anklets are back inaugurating the summer mood and endless vacations. No matter how you wear them, the only sure thing is that their comeback is more dynamic than ever shaping themselves as the fashionable must-have summer accessory. Materials and styles…

August 8, 2017

“Under the star light” Picks

1. Celina Double Ring by Elena Kougianou, Utopia Elena Kougianou Jewels 2. Harrem Bracelet by Venia Lambropoulou, La Vie Jewelry 3. Venyx Blue Star Ring by Eugenia Niarchos, Venyx World 4. Polar Star Earrings by Eleftheria Karela, EleKarela Sparkly Kisses, xxx  …

September 6, 2015